Spiritual Activism: Meeting, gathering and igniting our relations


Humanity is moving in new directions. We are dismantling the universe based on me and co-creating a universe based on we. This spontaneous evolution is gaining momentum, but we need to unify in order to maximize our impact. We at The Stream and The Center for Healing and Higher Consciousness are calling upon all of us to join together in what we call the Spiritual Activist Movement, and a major tool of that unification is the Spiritual Activist Statement of Commitment. Another key tool is the Campaign to Build the Collective Vortex of Change, which we launched in the summer of 2012.

We introduced the statement of commitment on Monday, March 1, 2010, at a Peace Gathering in San Diego. Please join us in making this Statement of Commitment. Read the words, feel them, and if you find they resonate in your heart, print out the pledge, sign it and keep it as a reminder of your own commitment to live from a place of Oneness.  To register your pledge and to stay informed of events, other happenings and relevant information please use the form on the Statement of Commitment page. And, for those who are called to a higher consciousness, and want to put this statement into action in a more concrete way, join us for Consciousness Boot Camp, a key component of the Vortex of Change campaign.

Then please pass this statement on. Distribute it via the internet, by hand, word-of-mouth or any other means you have; send people to this website. And come back soon. We will be developing this site as a way of unifying the Spiritual Activist Movement. Contact us and bring your energy.

The Spiritual Activist Movement was founded by Beth Green, intuitive counselor, consultant, spiritual teacher, musician, author and founder of The Stream.

The Spiritual Activist Movement is sponsored by The Stream, a San Diego-based nonprofit educational and spiritual community with a lot of experience living from the paradigm of Oneness. Check out www.thestream.org to learn about the many tools and programs we have developed that support us to bring higher consciousness into everyday life.